I am currently only offering sessions via Zoom during the Corona-19 pandemic - this is in order to protect my clients and myself as a practitioner

Talking Therapy


I have worked with a range of youth issues:

  • Communication
  • Behavioural support
  • Bullying
  • Sexuality, Gender & Relationships
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Body Image
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Cultural or faith sensitive issues
  • School transition
  • Puberty
  • Learning support needs
  • Family dynamics

What Support I Can Offer?

I really enjoy working with young people aged 13+. The way I work is that the young person leads the therapeutic process using the creative and play tools available to them in the therapy room. I work in this way as, very often, when life has become emotionally overwhelming for a young person, they have lost control somewhere in their lives.

Through using the creative tools week to week, a story develops as to what is troubling them in the world around them. Through using these tools, the child and young person strengthen their communication techniques, confidence and resilience in dealing with their external reality


I take referrals from the parent or carer, voluntary or statutory services with the consent of the young person, or you can self-refer. For young people I offer a flat rate of £50 per 45-minute session.


Normally, the initial stage of the assessment would be to meet with the young person and if appropriate their parent or carer looking at their specific goals or expectations. This could take one or two sessions depending on what is presented. I may also want to meet with the parent or carer during and at the end of counselling. I do charge for any meetings attended, any reports and letters requested.

Who I Work With

In my private practise I work with young people aged 13-25. I am happy to work with children and young people on a freelance basis within a school/ community setting to support the development of emotional well-being services available. This is in order that children and young people can enjoy and achieve in the future. This helps their confidence and competence in making healthier choices for themselves.

Please note: that I do not work with child custodial cases, though I am happy to link you to other therapists that specialise in this area.

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In my next blog, I answer the question that every potential client reflects on at the beginning of seeking a therapist and I also explore a bit what happens in the initial session. "Am I ready for therapy?" #psychotherapy #mentalhealthmatters

In my next blog I reflect on why our mental health matters in these troubling times, let's keep on talking about our mental health to those that matter.
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