Staff Well-Being Groups

The benefits of a Staff Well-Being Group include:

  • Increased motivation and productivity. Provides staff a space to work through work-related stress or personal difficulties to maintain work goals in a healthy and motivated way.
  • Higher staff retention. Staff who feel supported will want to keep working for you and this means that you will have lower recruitment and training costs.
  • Reduced sickness absence. Staff will have fewer absences from work due to physical or emotional problems.
    Reduced costs. Work related injuries, mental health and ill health costs your organisation money.
  • Higher job satisfaction. Staff who feel valued will also value what they do. This means productivity will improve in your workplace.
  • Improved reputation. Reputation is important and through with word of mouth and social media your organisation does not want to be known as the organisation that treats its staff badly. It maintains your competitive place in the market and makes sure that you continue to attract talented employees.

Offering Well-Being services at work has been well researched and has proven to successfully enhance productivity and absences. If your organisation enquiring about offering groups such as a personal development group for employees or more workshop style groups on themes such as managing stress at work or dealing with difficult emotions, I can offer these spaces within your workplace.

For more information please just contact Chai-Yoel and they will work with your organisation to support and facilitate a Well-Being Group.

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