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Chai-Yoel runs Joel Korn Psychotherapy Training, Chai- Yoel describes themselves as an LGBTQIA+ and HIV activist and ally, a passionate expert, motivational speaker and trainer. Chai-Yoel also have experience of writing around themes of well-being and other specialisms for journals and magazines. Chai – Yoel’s public speaking has taken me across the world. In 2011 I delivered a workshop on ‘Dealing with Difficult Emotions as part of the Happy Life Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

Following being on the interfaith panel at Pink Therapy’s Intersectional Conference in March 2019, my paper “The Chicken Soup of Identity” has been accepted for a book called “Non-Binary Lives: An Anthology of Intersecting Identities”. Editor Dr Jos Twist, Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. Associate editors: Dr Meg-Jon.Barker, Dr Ben Vincent, Dr Kat Gupta and Dang Nguyen. This is due to be on the shelves by April 2020.

Career Background

Chai-Yoel’s career background is in 1999, I left the stress of the hospitality and catering industry, since then I have worked in the LGBTQ and HIV fields of health, social and youth work helping people to take charge of their health and well-being. I am an experienced Community Development and Volunteer Development worker, skilled at engaging marginalised communities such as the: BAME, Faith and LGBT communities. Adept at developing trusting and respectful relationships, finding creative methods to reach out to both young people and adults. I have the tenacity & self-awareness to work in challenging situations. I combine a deep knowledge of community development with project management skills.

For my psychotherapy specialisms please go to each page to find out more:


  • Currently Studying: Couples and Relationships Counselling, The Psychosynthesis Trust
  • Touching the Relational Edge: Relational Body Psychotherapy, Open Centre
  • Diploma in Trauma Therapy, NAOS Institute
  • Certified Psychotherapeutic Supervisor, LCCTA
  • Diploma in Applied Group-work Skills, WPF – London Bridge
  • Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, Lambeth College
  • Intermediate Counselling Skills/ Studies, Lambeth College
  • Access Course Social Work/ Social Care, Westminster Kingsway College

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In my next blog, I answer the question that every potential client reflects on at the beginning of seeking a therapist and I also explore a bit what happens in the initial session. "Am I ready for therapy?" #psychotherapy #mentalhealthmatters

In my next blog I reflect on why our mental health matters in these troubling times, let's keep on talking about our mental health to those that matter.
#blacklivesmatter #transpower #translivesmatter #COVID19 #MentalHealthMatters https://joelkornpsychotherapy.co.uk/shinelgbt/mentalhealthmatters

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