I am currently only offering sessions via Zoom during the Corona-19 pandemic - this is in order to protect my clients and myself as a practitioner

Group-Work & Group Therapy

It has been a pleasure and made us look at things in a different light”
“Eye opening, good discussion, interesting and amazing – thank-you
Peer Support Group
HIV Charity

Thanks for last night. I found it extremely useful and helpful. Long may it continue; as we need this support within the community
Co-Exist Peer Support Group
Participants Feedback, London Friend

I wanted to thank-you for your help in the past. Although, not obvious at first, with your guidance and good counselling, I did manage to improve my situation. I’m still working at it, but then I am a slow worker and the mountain to climb seems to never end! You are very kind, thoughtful and considerate person
Participant Feedback
Therapeutic Group

Why Groupwork?

The groupwork can breakdown the felt sense of loneliness and isolation. Groupwork can really compliment one to one psychotherapy or coaching, as it provides you with a network where you can give each other ongoing emotional support outside the therapy room. The groupwork can support you to feel more confident and happier and support you to build stronger ways of coping to deal with your internal and external struggles.

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