How I Work

How Joel works

Today Joel would describe them self as an Integrative Relational Body and Trauma Psychotherapist. Joel uses a mixture of models depending on works for you and what you are brining. Joel likes to work creatively with you integrating body work, creative writing and art materials, it really depends on what works for you, my core models being:

  • Intercultural/ Transcultural: The approach takes into account the whole being of the client and also the client’s cultural life experience in the world both past and present.
  • Person Centred: The approach is for the clients to become able to see themselves as a person who has the power and freedom to change and recognise their own potential.
  • Psychodynamic: This approach stresses the importance of the unconscious and past experience in shaping current behaviour.
  • Relational Body Psychotherapy: The approach pays attention to how your mind, body and soul relate to each other, and how this affects your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Trauma: This approach will support you in overcoming psychological trauma. A key definition I’ve taken from the Oxford Dictionary of Psychology reads: “Trauma: A physical injury or wound, or a powerful psychological shock that has damaging effects” (2009). If you can cope with the trauma event or situation, even it is severe threat, it may be felt as trauma but unless it has a regular effect on you, it may not be seen as trauma.

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In my next blog I reflect on “what’s in a name” with my updated branding, website and services:

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