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I wanted to thank-you for your help in the past. Although, not obvious at first, with your guidance and good counselling, I did manage to improve my situation. I’m still working at it, but then I am a slow worker and the mountain to climb seems to never end! You are very kind, thoughtful and considerate person
Participant Feedback
Therapeutic Group

Living with HIV and Hep C in a big city like London can be extremely lonely and isolating, and this group has helped me to meet others in a context of honesty and mutual support which seems genuine and positive
Co-Exist Peer Support Group
Participants Feedback, London Friend

“It has been a pleasure and made us look at things in a different light. Eye opening, good discussion, interesting and amazing – thank-you”
Peer Support Group
HIV Charity

Groups can offer a space to explore how you relate interpersonally, a place to safely explore aspects of your identity or culture, to challenge yourself, they can also look at a specific issue for example assertiveness, dealing with difficult emotions, living with depression or social anxiety. I have been offering group work for nearly twenty years and this has included conducting personal development and therapeutic groups in the voluntary and community sector.

A Personal Development Group or Therapy Group offers:

  • A space where you can gain peer support and learn from each other.
  • Learn how to accept oneself and others.
  • An opportunity for you to grow in confidence, self-esteem and to feel less isolated.
  • A space to deal with the highs and lows of life.
  • A space where you can gain support and ideas from others for making changes in the future.

If you are an organisation enquiring about offering groups such as a personal development group for employees or a themed group depending what your employees are presenting with. I can tailor a group to meet your organisational needs and budget.

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In my next blog, I answer the question that every potential client reflects on at the beginning of seeking a therapist and I also explore a bit what happens in the initial session. "Am I ready for therapy?" #psychotherapy #mentalhealthmatters

In my next blog I reflect on why our mental health matters in these troubling times, let's keep on talking about our mental health to those that matter.
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