I am offering sessions via Zoom at a reduced rate during the pandemic. Contact me for more details.

Sex and Relationships Emotional Support for those living with a Disability or Additional Support Needs


I offer short-term and long-term Sex and Relationships counselling to young people aged 16+ and adults with learning support needs and physical disabilities.

Why Sex and Relationships Counselling?

Some parents or carers recognise the need for sex and relationships education for all their children. However, for some individuals their learning need means an uncertainty as to how much or how little to teach them about sex and relationships. Sometimes the sexual health and relationship needs of someone living with a learning support need and/ or physical disabilities may have been overlooked for a significant part of their lives. Everyone has the right to talk about and have access to good sexual health and relationship information.

What to do next?

I will invite you to an assessment. I will then work with the needs of the client and what is presented in the assessment. Ensuring that the support offered is appropriate to the individual’s developmental stages and their needs. I have worked therapeutically with a range of needs such as: learning support needs, abuse, puberty, masturbating, negotiating safe boundaries, relationships, sexuality, sexual health, intimacy, transitioning to independent living and developing communication skills.

Do you offer support to the parent/carer?

I am happy to work with the parent/ carer with the consent of the client. The support I can offer is around feeling confident in dealing with the needs of their child around sex and relationships, and/ or support around the transition to independent living.

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A good line up at this years Loving Men - Connections Festival, I'm attending and presenting on a Trans/ Non-Binary Panel on 23rd May, do come and enjoy a great couple of days of community connection online: https://www.facebook.com/events/604155713462879/

For NHS front line workers I offer a limited 6-session course of therapy free of charge to daytime appointments between 10am to 2pm. I will provide you trauma first aid and coping techniques, so you feel more able to develop better resilience to get through this difficult time.

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