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Trauma & TLC

As it was International Holocaust Memorial Day I felt it was a good time to reflect on Trauma. In our modern life, we can only watch the television news or read the newspaper to witness the trauma that is happening every minute of every day, across the world.

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Living with Chronic Pain

I am going to start this blog by sharing my own experience of living with chronic pain and neurological problems. I will then talk about some strategies that I have put in place over the last twelve years that have helped both me and those that care about me know what to do when I’m having a bad flare up

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As an intercultural therapist, when I meet a potential client or when delivering training I am interested in the whole being of participants and also their cultural life experience in the world both past and present. Since qualifying in 2008 as a psychodynamic...

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Left Luggage

I recall being eighteen years old and travelling to be a cook assistant at an American summer camp, I was first sent to a camp based in Boston. I did not like the camp so contacted the camp organisers and they reassigned me to a different camp based in North Carolina....

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Welcome to Joel Korn Counselling, I thought it important that my first blog be launched during Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental Health Awareness was established in 2000 by the Mental Health Foundation and this year’s theme is Mindfulness. I felt it important to...

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On Twitter

Candle, candle holder and flowers a thank-you from a client. When I asked why as was not the end they said as I am worth it! (Thank-you) https://t.co/xQkqXrEmMr

This Saturday a Shine LGBTQIA+ and Allies Professional Network for therapists, life coaches, body workers and allied professionals.

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